This three-part series takes a look at free will and how it underpins our place as the beloved in a benevolent universe, and how Light and Dark can help us to find our way back home through the maze.

To solve the problems of philosophers, one must [learn to] think even more crazily than they do.”

— Wittgenstein

Part One will look at why Free Will is important and how our place in the benevolent universe is enshrined because of it and how ‘evil’ (Dark Side) was created when Free Will was given, freely, to all divine beings.  In Part Two, we will look at how Dark Side consciousness operates in the minds and hearts of humanity and for what purpose and how to stop it when it’s presence is unwelcome.  In Part Three we will look at the real truth about what ‘evil’ is in the world and it’s role, and in the real reason Light and Dark are in this cosmic dance together.