Clearing Our Blocks | March 2018

We are living in historic times. We are being called, right now, to clear and process all of our unfinished business, all our old wounds and blocks, hiccups and prejudices.  Only by clearing all that is holding us back, can we reach our potential and come through these challenging times. We are being called to do this now. 

Who among us can say that we’re the best that we can be, the furthest along our path possible?  Clearing unfinished business means clearing wounds, ego and mind.

Are we cleared of all of our emotional ‘baggage’?  We know we have cleared all of our wounds (personal wounds, inherited family wounds and archetypal wounds) when we no longer get ‘triggered’. Our past, other people’s behavior and other people’s prejudices no longer trigger us; we have healed wounds from our past and see that other people’s behavior is just theirs to resolve. We don’t overreach, we don’t enable or take care of other people’s issues for them and we don’t judge others for where they are on their path. 

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"Clearing our blocks means we need to clear our emotional baggage, our ego and our identification with the mind. We need to do this to be able to reach our potential."

Are we rid of our oversized egos?  Do we presume our needs and wants are more important than someone else’s?  Do our egos do the talking for us, to cover up some other unresolved wound or insecurity?  An oversized ego lets us think with prejudice and we judge people accordingly.  Ego thinks in hierarchies; people are ranked ‘above’ or ‘below’ others because of prejudiced beliefs and ignorance.  It’s our job to be mindful of how we are with others in a local and global context so that our ignorance and prejudice don’t get to pollute the world further.  All people are equal, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, financial capacity, physical and mental ability, age or societal standing. It’s our job to live that truth.

Are we in the most elevated thinking that we can be?  Most people identify with their thoughts; they think they are their thoughts, that their thoughts are a reflection of who they are.  This isn’t true, it’s just a lack of mental discipline.  When we identify with our thoughts, we align our truth with the least intelligent aspect of our makeup.  The ‘lower mind’ can only access ‘backstory’, memories and lateral thinking (‘it happened to them, so it could happen to me’), to come up with proposals for how to move forward.  It’s very low grade, mortal thinking. Instead, we need to align ourselves with the ‘silent observer’ in our awareness, which is an ‘aware wordlessness’, allowing that to be our navigator.  We need to tell the lower mind to ‘Stop Thinking’ ('mental discipline') and instead we need to learn to ‘be’. 

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"We need to have 'mental discipline' and tell the mind to 'Stop Thinking' and instead we need to learn to 'be'."

When we rely on the Higher Self, or the 'silent observer' in our awareness to navigate our lives, we notice that our bodies stop reacting in the way that they once did because emotions follow thoughts, not the other way around.  If we're not thinking with our lower minds, then our bodies aren't reacting with emotions flooding into our systems.  Instead of aligning with the lower mind, we can choose to align with our divine self, where a higher ‘knowing’ instead of ‘thinking’ guides us and we can simply 'be' in the moment.  That moment-to-moment awareness, that allows us to be in the now, gives us a sense of presence and with that presence we are able to step into our 'power' where we step into 'flow', wordlessness and where we simply trust what is.  We get better results for our lives and those of others if we are navigating from a place of power than a place of reaction.  That place of power comes from our 'knowing', not our 'thinking', and that clarity comes once we have cleared all our blocks and allowed our True Selves to emerge. 

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"Now is the time to be free of the blocks that hold us back. The world needs our full potential now more than ever."

This is a testing time.  We are being tested to reveal who we are at our core; everything is being revealed for who and what it really is. To fully reveal our true selves, we must do our clearing first.  Our highest potential awaits once we do this work and the world needs our highest potential now.


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