Unleashing your light
with Energy Healing

Spiritual energy healing has a similar outcome to that of psychotherapy in that it clears emotional trauma from the past, except psychotherapy is very, very slow, it re-traumatizes the client and it doesn’t clear any energy other than emotional wounds.  

Spiritual energy healing clears trauma and wounds from the past using energy-based methods that are extremely fast (and take just one-tenth of the time of psychotherapy) and won’t re-traumatize you, but it also, crucially, clears energy in your system that is ‘not yours’.  

This ‘not yours’ energy includes: suffering beings (spirits) attached to or inside you, curses (e.g.; from a bully from childhood), voices that were in someone else’s head before they were in your head (e.g.; from a perfectionist parent), environmental energies (e.g.; other people’s anger), archetypal wounds (e.g.; slavery, famine, holocaust) and ancestral/family wounds (issues never processed down the family tree stay for many generations until they’re cleared). Shamanic techniques used in this work also bring back and re-install missing soul parts, that is, essence lost at the moment of trauma (Soul Retrieval).

“The energy work I have learned to do with Suzanne has been a crucial element not only in my life, but also in my process as an actor. It has enabled me to fill in gaps in my technical training and helped me gain greater freedom of expression and knowledge of my body-mind.”
— Margaret, New York City