Session Pricing

Healing sessions are 2 hours and cost $250, with prices in euro and sterling also available. Individuals, couples and parents with children are welcome.  All sessions are conducted online using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom or on the phone. Video sessions are preferable; phone is used as a last resort.

Space clearing (clearing haunted buildings) usually takes one or two sessions that last two to three hours each session.  In heavily haunted buildings, often a second session will be required, which will be one week after the first.  Cost is $450 per session. In cases where the work can be done by just one practitioner, that will be done by Suzanne. In cases where more than one practitioner is required, these practitioners will be contacted and the case discussed with them in depth. If there are two or more practitioners required to do the work, the fee will be discussed with the practitioners and the client.