Discover your true self

The main purpose of energy healing work is spiritual development. the clearing of emotional trauma and low-frequency energy from the system is a happy consequence of that work.

Clearing the past, restoring missing soul essence, cutting cords and removing energy that is not yours...all of this raises your energy frequency, which ultimately brings true fulfillment and contentment.

To achieve that joy, Suzanne helps pinpoint your current level of spiritual development and awareness ("Point A"), then see your spiritual potential ("Point B"), and clear the blocks that are preventing you from getting from Point A to Point B. Suzanne gives you clear guidance into who you are, where you've come from, where you are destined to be, and—most importantly—how to get there. 

The aim of each session is to bring you to the farthest point in your capacity to allow healing (which serves to minimize the number of sessions needed) and to allow the highest frequency of energies to be absorbed.  As such, many clients notice a significant shift after each session.

Each session draws whatever treatment is needed and sessions take place remotely via remotely via Skype, FaceTime, GoogleHangouts, Zoom, or on the phone.