Do I need a space clearing?

The following is a list of questions to ask yourself to determine if your home, office or land could benefit from a space clearing.

  • Do you own a bar, public space, or have a home, that has energy problems?
  • Do you know something is ‘off’ with your space but can’t put your finger on it?

  • Maybe you know the property is haunted and you’ve had trouble being able to ‘clear’ the space of your uninvited guests?

  • How would you know if your place had energy problems and what work would you need to get it fixed?

What kind of clearing do I need?

A basic cleanse is good for moving into a new place, clearing out old energy, inviting in guiding and protective spirits to bless the place and align everything up.  It brings continuity, synchronicity, a sense of things being ‘right time, right place’ and flow or harmony. It’s very simple and takes about 3 hours.  If things feel ‘off’, the client may need personal work done on them too. If it’s a simple, straightforward job that personal work sometimes can be included in the 3 hours.  Some basic energy recommendations might be made as well, for the client to consider (such as introducing, moving or removing some items).


If there is phenomenon going on there (objects moving, noises, smells, feeling of being ‘watched’, sensing spirits, moving shadows, etc.) then that’s simple too and takes about 3 hours for a regular place.  A public space that’s very energetically problematic might need two or more sessions, depending on how dense the problem has become.  Again, each session is 3 hours.

A place that has geological faults under the building, such as energy vortexes, or where there has previously been a very bad tragedy (a fire, for example) or great loss of human life on the footprint of the building (like a hospital) gets slightly more complicated as you’ve to work with the energy of the land in that place to move the vortex, psychopomp all the beings (get the dead into the Light) and reintegrate the energy flow into the space in the torus shape and that can take a bit more work. Usually sessions take about 6 hours.  If it’s heavily inhabited, a second session might be needed with check-ups later.

“I am involved in a bar In the lower east side called 200 Orchard. Staff members would come to me and my business partners saying that they saw shadows in certain parts of the bar, brooms being slammed across the bar floor, doors knocking and a dark heavy feeling at certain parts of the bar at certain times. Some staff didn’t like being here alone.

”One night while standing behind the bar I heard the knocking and seen shadows myself, then another occasion the broom being slammed across the floor. It was impossible for the broom to fall by itself where it was situated in the bar. I contacted Suzanne and asked her could she help me with the unusual occurrences.

”The first session happened early in the day when the bar was empty and lasted about 3 hrs. When Suzanne was done it was clear we needed to do more work but you could clearly feel things had changed. Before Suzanne came back to do the second session, staff had come and said to me that it was noticeably brighter and more comfortable within the bar, not knowing the work that Suzanne had done.

”After the end of the second session you could feel an unexplainable weight lifted off the whole bar. Since Suzanne has done the work there are remarkable changes with the bar; much more positive energy, lighter feeling, not one of the staff has come to me since the work has been done even though I have asked from time to time have you noticed any activity like before and the answer has always been “no”.

”The main benefits of having the work done at the bar is it’s a more positive atmosphere, people are staying longer, it is overall just a brighter more comfortable place to be now. I would say to any bar owner thinking of getting this work done, ‘Do not hesitate, do it’, for it has done amazing things for us regarding a higher level of positivity and more energy and atmosphere within the bar.”
— Damien, 200 Orchard Bar, Lower East Side, NYC