You were not designed to live in darkness

Heal wounds, clear blocks, resolve family and ancestral issues that are repeating patterns of pain in your life. Have foreign energies and possessing spirits removed. Help find your path to purpose. Clear depression, fatigue and a lack of self-worth. Get your passion back. Get back in the game. Get out of therapy and get on with your life. Bring yourself back into alignment with your real self, your happiness. Live your bliss.


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Suzanne Connolly is a shamanically-trained medical intuitive and energy healer. Suzanne can see energy both inside and outside the body, allowing her to view a wide range of ailments: depression, abuse, addiction, soul loss, blocks to purpose, spirit possession.

Suzanne also has the ability to read energy that stores information about the past and to track trajectories into the future, in both cases giving specific details. With the guidance of the Archangels, Suzanne works with you to remove blocks and impediments to your path and purpose, empowering you to fully bring your dreams to life.


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Read the Spirit Guides Magazine article about Suzanne

Read the Spirit Guides Magazine article about Suzanne

“Suzanne is the best energy healer I’ve found, the most magical healing shaman woman I know. She is plugged in in ways that very few are, and is able to help like no one else.”
— Thomas J. Grant
Read More Reviews on Yelp

Read More Reviews on Yelp

Healing wounds

"I have healed so many wounds and released so many dark energies with Suzanne. I have learned who I truly am at my core and how to live from that core and my truth. This has given me a kind of freedom and a joy in being alive that I had never known before." –Anonymous

"Suzanne can help you change your life by making you aware of unseen forces that you don't necessarily even know play a huge role in your current struggles and suffering." –HyoSung Bidol-Lee

"I had lost my sense of self and connection to my soul in the few years prior, and she helped solidify what little left I had of it so that I had the energy to start the work, as well as not go into depression." –Anonymous

"Suzanne has guided me in reclaiming self love, healing childhood wounds and standing firmly in my boots no matter the circumstances. I had been doing all kinds of therapy for 15 years, and I have never grown so fast or so well than with Suzanne." – Laure Porché

empowering clients

"Suzanne wants her clients to be able to do the work for themselves and not depend on her, so she shares the techniques. She reads energy really well, she explains how it all works really well, she listens, she can tell you what your essence is, she is patient, she finds other ways of explaining when I don't understand something." –Ilinca, NYC

"Suzanne empowers rather than mystically 'does it for you.' Though she is definitely doing healing work for you, it is ultimately to support your being able to take the reigns yourself." –Anonymous

"Suzanne has a special combination of the mystical coupled with organization and groundedness. Now, I’ve done all kinds of time travel, with this type of work, and I often feel that sense of being far away when I open my eyes. But never, I don’t think, that I’m looking through a new set of eyes." –Emily

seeing the unseen

"Suzanne is incredibly intuitive and can see the way that is most empowering and effective for the individual and can lead them through from this vision." –Anonymous

"Extremely grounded. Out of this world clairs, not sure I ever met someone who got info in such a specific way (and I've met a bunch of clairvoyant people), and she's got a healthy ego around it plus good boundaries (which, again, a lot of clairvoyants lack)." –LP, NYC

"I will never forget the first session, when Suzanne looked into a series of past life scenarios to see why I was struggling so much in this one. When she told me of these past life details, even though they sounded incredible, they actually made sense in a way that nothing else did. So when I actually started remembering other details from those lives several weeks later...well, that just blew my mind. Suffice to say working with Suzanne has totally changed how I see the world." –Carrie Bancroft

“Suzanne’s strong, intelligent, empathetic personality and tremendous power serve as a basis for her very effective and successful work. In four intensive long-distance sessions, she has set me free from heavy possessions. The act of depossession is difficult and dangerous work. She pays great attention to safety. Suzanne is a master craftswoman.”
— Anne K, Berlin, Germany
Dormant Child  (Poem by Margaret Curry)

Dormant Child (Poem by Margaret Curry)