Consciousness Rising | November 2017

Featured Blog Series:  Healing Grief Consciously

Featured Blog Series: Healing Grief Consciously

In these changing times, we are finding that we are becoming more polarized, more separate from each other, more remote. In truth, what is really happening is that we are becoming more of what we truly are, and the facades we’d projected onto ourselves and the world around us are finally falling away. Everything you are seeing in the world today is how it really is.

Inspiration:  Dormant Child (poem)

Inspiration: Dormant Child (poem)

The truth about how people really are, under the surface, is being revealed. It may feel like the ‘end of times’, and in some ways it is: the Mayan calendar has ended, and how we once knew the world to be has come to an end. However, the word ‘apocalypse’ comes from the Greek word ‘apokaluptein’, which simply means to ‘uncover’ or to ‘reveal’. The truth is that we are in revelatory times. Who we really are is being asked to show up. We are being asked to be the best we can be.

In personal terms, this means clearing up old business, clearing away prejudice and blocks that prevent us from seeing others with empathy, and owning our own stuff. We are processing the unprocessed within us, developing a deeper commitment to seeing the Light within everyone. We have a chance here to evolve with a big leap. Everyone will soon see clearly the world around them for what it is, and we shall all judge ourselves for where we are in our journey.

Featured Blog Series:  Removing Energy Blocks (Part 1)

Featured Blog Series: Removing Energy Blocks
(Part 1)

Evolution is the only constant, the only option and the only way to change the world. The old Aramaic word for evil is ‘unripe’. The evil you see in the world is just ‘unripened’ consciousness.  These are exciting times to change the world and help heal that unripeness with our own compassion and empathy.

Blessings on your journey,