Part 2: Evil—What it Is, How it Works & How to Stop it

Who Are, and What are the Aims of, the Dark Side?

Consciousness aligned with the Dark Side is not limited to incarnate humans.  The dead live among us and those aligned with the Dark can, and do, inhabit our personal space and often our bodies, in an effort to have their own needs met and desires fulfilled.  Aligning with the Dark means considering one's own needs as more important, or higher up the hierarchical scale, than those needs of others', so there comes with it a sense of entitlement, or privilege; 'my needs are more important than yours, so I shall take as I choose'.  This is despite, as is well-known in the spiritual community, that under Universal Spiritual Law 'no being shall inhabit the body of another without permission'.  All beings have sovereignty. 

The identity of those possessing spirits aligning with the Dark Side covers a wide sweep; there are many types, human and not, who have taken up employ with the Dark Side for one reason or another.  Alongside some of the dead, are those who were never known to us, some of whom were never incarnated nor human, and yet still hold consciousness as clearly and as potently as the living.  Among those potentially known to us include anyone who has had exposure to significant trauma of a sexual nature or extreme violence, for example, anyone who has been the victim of child sexual abuse or adult rape, and anyone who has had a life-or-death violent experience, such as being present during a murder, hand-to-hand combat experience as a soldier or been privy to extreme domestic violence.

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So, what are the aims of the hierarchies making up the Dark Side?  As a consciousness, the Dark Side has a few priorities; to take control and dominate over any given situation, to operate from a place of no human compassion (no heart) and to prove that free will does not exist.  You might think that to ‘prove that free will does not exist’ is the odd one out here; the curious element in an otherwise clear agenda of cold domination and control. What is so significant about free will that it would attract such attention or priority?  The answer is that free will is bound tightly with the benevolence of the Creator; without free will, there is no benevolent Creator.  Without belief in a benevolent Creator, upsetting the order of the universe in order to usurp control and dominance is much easier.  That is, it’s easier to control a person who has no conviction that they are beloved, a cherished manifestation of the divine in a benevolent universe.  That person has allowed the flow of the ever-present love of the universe to be cut off from flowing to them and the person who relies upon their own strengths alone is ultimately the person who feels fear.  The opposite of fear is love, the bedrock of the universe, and for individuals, without a firm footing in love, darkness finds an easy way.

How Does Dark Side Do its Work?

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The general spreading of darkness in human consciousness is actually through ignorance and the lack of evolution on the part of humans themselves and has generally nothing to do with Dark Side, per se.  Racism, sexism, hatred of any person for their difference or believing that we are somehow ‘better’ than another because of some innate attribute or ability is caused by a lack of evolution in our thinking.  We are, essentially, in a relatively primitive or early stage of our development.  We are easily influenced because we don’t know ourselves well yet, know our innate divinity and our identity with the Light.  Our moral and spiritual evolution will fix a great deal of what is wrong in the world right now and that evolution is happening now, playing out every day in the hearts and minds of people involved in and watching events in the news; the rallying of citizens of a city to those hurt in a terrorist attack, the movements for social change affecting the lives of people subjugated by systemic racism, the voting for marriage equality, the outcry against rape culture in our society and on our college campuses.  Wherever wrongs are committed, and activism is alive, change and evolution are underway.

So, what role does Dark Side play in this mix?  How does Dark Side, for instance, prove that free will doesn’t exist, to a privileged population in the West that largely never considers free will — much less sees free will as proof of humans being the beloved in a benevolent universe — and, given that, how can Dark Side take power and control to dominate humans so effectively?

One of the main ways that Dark Side seeks to 'prove' that free will doesn't exist (and take power and control to dominate humans) is through the mechanism of possession illness; the inhabiting of, or attachment to, the personal space or body of another without permission, often influencing the thinking of the host through the subtle power of suggestion at first, increasing to a more relentless insistence in extreme cases. 

Possession illness is a common, if undesirable, condition, made less understood by a combination of Hollywood exaggerations and a refusal in the West to consider it a reality.  When John of God was once asked how common did he believe possession illness to be, he replied to my teacher, Betsy Bergstrom, that in his experience every person had at least four beings with them.  This is true in my experience, albeit that the majority of people are unaware that occasionally the voice in their head is not theirs.  Compassionate Depossession, the shamanic practice developed by Betsy Bergstrom to release possessing beings in a good and compassionate way, is a highly effective treatment for possession illness that helps spirits — Dark, Light and in-between — to be freed of being stuck in, or attached to, another being.

Possession illness generally progresses gradually, beginning as an internal voice giving one thought or a series of thoughts formed as suggestions, or as a feeling or urge, to do this, say that, feel this way, or interpret something in a negative way; these are often the methods used initially.  Over time, when left unchallenged by the host, these suggestions can develop into obsessions or compulsive behavior.  Many addictions began this way, with the arrival of a possessing spirit.  It is true to say that possession illness is so effective because the host allows the suggested thinking and feeling to go unchecked, or unchallenged.  The spreading of darkness throughout the consciousness of humanity (for we all have that potential) was exacerbated through the process of possession illness, as described, and largely enabled by humans not being mindful of, and challenging, the thoughts in their head or the feelings in their hearts.  The battle for power waged by the Dark Side is conducted in human hearts and minds.

This is not to say that negative possessing spirits are the only cause of trauma to victims after acts of brutality, obviously not, but they work alongside victim’s wounds in effective ways, largely undiscovered, causing trenchant beliefs and seemingly intractable pain.  These methods serve to dull free will and are actively employed to do just that, thereby 'proving' that free will does not exist.  The logic goes, how is a person fully in possession of their own free will if, albeit unbeknownst to them, their thinking and behavior is commandeered by others? 

How to Stop Possession Illness

The question rarely asked by the unwitting host at this point is, and should be, “is this my nature?”  We should be mindful enough to question any inner monologues we’re having and not just to accept them without qualification.  Often the influence of possession illness from Dark Side beings is through negative self-talk, such as in the example of child sexual assault, where a Dark Side being transfers from the Paedophile to the victim at the time of the act.  In time, the Dark Side being begins emitting a plethora of false negative statements passing as the thoughts or feelings of the child, such as 'I am dirty', 'I am bad', 'I deserved this', etc.  These thoughts usually go unchallenged and that is the bedrock of why possession illness is so effective.  Unchallenged and heard often enough, these thoughts and feelings become beliefs and those beliefs can later enact behaviors that otherwise that person would never undertake. 

Stopping possession illness from taking hold, and how to lessen it’s grip, requires mental discipline, self-awareness and an active observation, witnessing what’s going on in the internal dialogue.  The host can ask him or herself, “Who am I?  Do I know myself well?  What is my nature?”  Knowing one’s own nature is crucial to holding and securing sovereignty over oneself.  Then, to ask, “Why am I thinking these thoughts?  Am I really that kind of person?  Is it in my nature to have thoughts like these?”  Asking these questions and others about one’s own thoughts, are all powerful, sovereign checks and balances that we could all indulge more often.  Each time anything is said or suggested internally that is ‘not in my nature’, the host can then simply say with conviction, “That is not me”, and the grip of the possessing spirit recedes.  That is, once an individual claims sovereignty for themselves through mindfully knowing their own nature and recognizing and declaring that the thoughts that they are having do not fit with that, those thoughts lose the power given to them by the host and those thoughts fall away.  Eventually, this method diminishes the security of tenure held by the being and he, she or it ‘gives up’ and goes elsewhere.  It is, effectively, a method of declaring independence or sovereignty, in action. 

This procedure can be slow but it is effective.  A speedier method to heal possession illness is to have compassionate depossession done by a shamanic practitioner, where the being is addressed directly and brought to a better place.

In the final of these three blogs, Part Three, we will look at the real truth about what ‘evil’ is in the world and it’s role, and in the real reason Light and Dark are in this cosmic dance together.