Within the 10 main steps to awakening, clarity and empowerment, there are four parts. These are: clearing the clutter, mental discipline, stepping into flow, and co-creating with Source. Each stage within these four parts is given a little more detail, below. 

Enjoy your journey!

Clearing the Basics and Getting Pristine Boundaries

1. Get the basics out of the way. Clear all blocks. Clearing whats ‘yours’: personal trauma, intergenerational inherited trauma and identifying with archetypal trauma. Any remaining unresolved trauma or wounds in the system will show up as triggers. Clear these. And clearing what’s not ‘yours’: possession illness, curses, environmental influences, voices that were in someone else’s head before they were in your head (learned thinking), cleaner diet, ETC..

2. Wounds can lead to self-doubt and ‘satellite thinking’, where we eject ourselves from our core and give our power away by projecting it onto others, leading to a reliance on others for our own validation, which causes insecurity and disempowerment. Get clarity on who you are (ask of yourself, ‘is this thinking in keeping with my true nature?’), retrieve the self from wherever it was projected and use that self to occupy the core of the energy body, which leads to Sovereignty (full self-reliance and full occupancy) and ‘presence’. Being present with clarity comes before ‘Stepping into your Power’

3. Get ‘Pristine Boundaries’. Have ‘compassion not sympathy’ for others (stop enmeshing in other people’s dynamics, allow people their own choices), which frees us from judgement, and command ownership of your own shadow — ‘extreme ownership’ brings us back into the self through non-projection

Mastering the Mind to Cultivate Awareness

4. Own the self, integrate the self; Be 

5. Get ‘good Mental Discipline’; reframe the narrative from the ‘mind controlling you’ to ‘you controlling the mind'. Relegate the mind from a position of power as ‘captain of the ship’ (the main navigation tool in our lives) to a position of usefulness but one that is not essential. The mind is just a tool to be used to make lists, decipher, analyze, etc. The mind cannot know; only the body can know. The body is infinitely more intelligent than the mind. The body is divine; the mind is not. Install a new captain to navigate your ship; that of ’Unspoken Awareness’. We come to know Unspoken Awareness by cultivating ‘silent awareness’, or the ‘wordlessness of post-thought’.  Animals live in pre-thought. Most humans live in identification with thinking. Move past this into ‘post-thought’; a state of wordlessness where there is no duality; no right and wrong, only ‘what is’. This leads the body to a neutral place where it stops reacting and it takes us out of polarity, and into non-judgement.  In the state of being ‘wordlessly aware’, we can access and live from our higher intelligence of Knowing and therein lies bliss.

Employing the New Awareness to Step into Flow

6. Step into your own power — not as an action, but as an awareness. 

7. Stay in the moment, or ‘flow’; surrender and allow the intelligence of the universe to present direction in “your life”. Then ‘follow the flow’ — allowing ‘what is’ to be in the moment. Follow what feels ‘most alive’ to you in that moment. Feel it in the body; the ‘Who I Am’ is heart-centered.

8. Know that certain things follow from ‘being in flow’; living in the now, seeing that nothing is personal, detachment from outcome, trusting that everything is perfect as is, and that there is no duality at this level.

9. Integrate the self again, at this higher level — know thyself, resolved by presence, that is not alive in and of itself, but in an integral way with everything and everyone else. There is no ‘them and us’. There is only ‘us’.  

Zone of Potential, Co-Creating with the Source

10. With ‘extreme ownership’ of our unprocessed dynamics/patterning, with ‘following flow’ and with being ‘wordlessly aware’ in our higher intelligence of Knowing, we step into our own power. From this place, we bring our wishes for ourselves and others using full-body Intention, our Command Voice and Decree, into a ‘zone of potential’ where we co-create with the ‘field’, universe, ‘Source’ or whatever you understand ‘God’ to be. In that zone of potential, we recognize that all life-force is in all living (and seemingly inanimate) beings but also it is in the vastness of space, in the no-thing of the universe, and that we are that space too. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. In this awareness, we merge with all life-force and move into ‘inter-being’, or a state of Oneness with All That Is. In this zone and this awareness, we co-create with Source the life that we intend to create. Without the awareness, we are creating from a place of unconsciousness, which means that we project and create in our lives that which is unhealed within us. As within, so without. Moving through our baggage, stepping into mindful flow and a higher intelligence of Knowing, means that we get to create intentionally the world that we want to see.

For a more full exploration of all of these concepts and the process itself, see the 2-part blog ‘Healing Through Raising Consciousness’ (Part 1) and ‘Accessing Clarity and Bliss’, (Part 2) starting here.