Individual (Personal) Wound Clearing of Trauma

Individual (personal) wounds are those that happen in the client's lifetime (whether remembered consciously or not), or in another lifetime where 'echoes' of that original wounding are felt in this lifetime. 

Examples of causes of personal wounding are: childhood abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), abandonment, bullying, accidents. 

When trauma is left unresolved in the energy system it creates blocks or congestion and that creates problems.  Examples of problems created by unresolved trauma in the system are: depression, addictions, low self-esteem, perfectionism, avoidance behaviors such as overworking, satellite thinking (where the client's values and self-worth are determined by another person).

Engaging in Wound Work clears blocks of trauma and enables the client to engage in the process of meeting their potential. It is a liberating way to heal your life.