Blocks of congested energy in the client are either caused by experiences that belong to the client, or by energies that do not.  These blocks create wounding and psychological problems and can compound pre-existing conditions.  

Congestion caused by experiences belonging to the client falls into three categories; personal, family and archetypal.  Congestion caused by energies that don't belong to the client are commonly caused by the client's environment and diet, internalised beliefs not belonging to the nature of the client, curses and possessing spirits.

“As an actor, I need to let the character’s experiences resonate through my body, voice, spirit, heart and mind. That gets tricky when there are energy blocks that are getting in the way. I’ve approached the dismantling of these blocks via many paths. None have brought me greater results than this work. I am able to bring greater depth and share my humanity on a much more personal level, and to know and trust my own gifts and abilities as a person and actor.”
— Margaret, New York City