Healing Yourself by Removing Energetic Blocks

The following blog is part 1 of a 12-part series on how to remove unwanted energy from your energy body. Removing blocks from the energy body is the first step in healing the entire energy system, which includes the body, mind, spirit and the context of the energetic dynamics within which we live.  Always seek the advice of a professional before attempting any of these techniques yourself. These notes are not intended to replace any medical care.


The first step to releasing negative energy yourself is in knowing what it feels or looks like, so that you can access it with your awareness.  Energy can be fluid (look like smoke, a transparent gas, or heavier, like lava) or it can be solid if it has been left in the body too long (can have the consistency of a piece of meat or iron filings, etc.).  For those of us who aren’t very visual or body-orientated, accessing the energy is done through feelings and the energy feels just like the emotions that brought it there in the first place.  Breath work can help to bring the attention to the body, to access the body, for those who are not very body-aware (those who live in their heads a lot).

Removing dense energy can be done by having an energy healer remove it, or by four slower, less deep techniques, below.


Cardiovascular work-out is best (swing a bat, move your torso).  Stretching can work, leaning backwards, opening the arms out wide, star jumps, if a regular work-out is too strenuous, but you need to break a sweat.  This is a form of transmuting, with the body temperature and activity literally burning up the dense energy in the system.

Lymphatic System


Detox. Drinking lots of water and pure fruit juices and removing sugar, caffeine, low-nutrient foods, red meat, dairy and alcohol from the diet. Can take a week or more.  More intense detox programs (juice only diets) can take a shorter time but are only to be undertaken when recommended by a medical professional.

Digestive System

Cleaning out the digestive system should be undertaken routinely for optimum gut and colon health.  To help clear the system of energy blocks using the digestive system, cut out red meat altogether and limit the intake of non-organic white meat.  Most dairy and eggs are energetically sluggish and are best avoided. Organic and ethically raised fish and beans, legumes, nuts and seeds are the best protein.  Lean organic turkey and chicken are better than red meat but not as good as non-animal proteins.  Lots of organic fresh fruit and vegetables (raw, preferably) are key in helping clear out the system.  Large leathery leafy green vegetables help to kill a predisposition to cancer in colon (kale, chard).  The fiber cleans out any sluggish energy in the intestines and colon and improving the diet stops adding low frequency food/energy to the system.  Taking probiotics will help friendly bacteria in the system multiply and compete with harmful organisms in the gut and colon, i.e., pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungal forms. They crowd out these harmful organisms while establishing themselves throughout the digestive tract and clean out plaque stuck to the walls of the intestines, inhibiting nutrient absorption that leads to overeating.  Nurturing, nutritious food eaten in an emotionally satisfying way (at the table with loved ones, no TV dinners) can significantly raise the light energy frequency of the body/mind. 


Emotional blocks prevent many of us from moving beyond past trauma and reforging a healthy relationship with life.  These blocks can, literally, make us feel blocked, or stuck.  Clearing wounding is a more involved process, and will still need to be done even if stagnated energy is cleared with tears, but shifting the energy blocks using tears is a good way to rinse stagnated energy out. Energy moves from the stomach or heart out through the throat, mouth and eyes with tears and the breath.  Clearing energy blocks using tears isn't ideal for everyone, as not everyone can cry easily.  If grief is present, it's best to consciously grieve, rather than unconsciously grieve.  Conscious grieving is where the system is allowed to focus on the thing causing grief and given space and time to allow the grief to emerge. For a more detailed look at conscious grieving, see the blog, 'What is Grieving and How Can We Do it Well?'

In the next part of this series, we'll cover other ways of healing dense energies in your body's system. 

Blessings on your journey,