Removing Energetic Blocks (Part 2): Salt, Chakras, Crystals


Last month, in the first of this 12-part Energy Clearing series, we discussed how to clear energy blocks out of the somatic (body) level using sweat, the lymphatic system, digestive system and tears. This is a general overview of basic energy clearing that most of us already employ that clears toxins, unfriendly bacteria and some emotional congestion out of the system.

In Part 2, we look at less obvious ways to do deep clearing and cleaning of the energy system, using methods you can safely try at home.  After removing any energy from the body, always ask your Helping Spirits (Archangel Michael always is willing to help!) to “Pour the Light of God into my body to replace the energy that has been released.”  After that, always ask Archangel Raphael to “seal my energy grid”.  Doing these two steps will ensure you will have a) no energy ‘gaps’ in the energy field (nature abhors a vacuum, removing gaps removes the risk of foreign energy getting in) and b) no energy leaks.

Removal of Dense Energies from the System:

1) Salt

Salt has powerful cleansing and purifying qualities and can be safely used to clear away heavy ‘hoocha’ or energetic residue left over from trauma or anything that has a negative presence. Here are some excellent methods to use salt in your cleansing practices.

Salt Bath
Add two cups of Epsom Salts to a warm bath, dissolve the salt by moving it int the water, and soak in the water for 30-45 mins.  The bath should be hotter than body temperature and remain so for the duration of the bath.  You can add bubble bath and/or essential oils as well if you like. Add slices of citrus fruit, oranges or lemons, for extra clearing.  Take care to submerge the body, including the hair if you wish.  Add salt directly to shampoo or conditioner if you wish to apply salt to the crown chakra.  Do not soak in water that is cooler than your body temperature, otherwise the energy cleared will go back inside the body.  After the bath, take a quick shower to rinse off the bath water/shampoo/conditioner. 


Salt Shower Scrub
Use Rock salt, Epsom Salts, dead sea salts, magnesium stearate bath salts, etc. but not table salt.  Add salt to some olive oil in a plastic bowl until you have a fistful of salt in a ‘wet sand’ consistency. Rub into the skin over the main chakras prior to washing in the shower. 

Salt Pack
Prepare the salt by pouring 3 pounds of rock salt (kosher cooking salt is perfect) into a dry pot and putting it on a high heat.  Stir the dry salt with a wooden spoon until all the salt is hot.  Once hot, pour into a pillowcase.  Tip the pillowcase to one angle so that all the salt pours into one bottom corner.  Fold the empty bottom corner over the corner filled with hot salt and hold the pillowcase level again so that the salt forms a ‘square’ at the bottom of the pillowcase.  Fold the rest of the empty part of the pillowcase neatly around the square to form a pillow, or pack, of hot salt.  Hold the pack against the small of the back for general energy removal or on the site of the energy block, if known, for 30-45 mins, making sure not to go over this amount of time; set a timer if needed.  Do not hold the pack against the body if the salt cools below body temperature.  Once finished, ask the angels to ‘neutralize’ the salt and then dispose of it outside of your home (in the trash outside is fine) immediately afterwards.  You can then wash the pillowcase as normal.

2) Chakra Work

Working with the chakras directly will clear blockages and will make the body feel lighter, cleaner and more limber. 

Stand in the shower and open the chakra where the energy is being stored with the fingertips held next to the energy center, moving in a clockwise motion.  Visualize the darker energy coming out and allow this to pour down the plughole.  Do not practice this in the bath as the energy will sit on top of the water and go back into the body when you stand up or the water drains away.

Stand in a powerful wind to allow the energy outside the body.  If the wind is strong enough, visualize the body and chakras to be ‘open’, to ‘blow away’ any density.

Tailbone Chakra
Sitting upright in a chair with your feet on the ground, open your tailbone chakra by intending it, and allow the residue to fall out of the body and send it “down into the belly of the earth to be transmuted into love and light”.  Next, open the minor chakras at the soles of the feet and repeat the above statement.  Allow the residue to drain for as long as it wants; it won’t drain for more than a minute or two, and will stop of it’s own accord. The body won’t allow more energy to leave in one go than is healthy.  Notice how this exercise makes you feel simultaneously cleaner and more anchored.  You can repeat this exercise several times a day, depending on need.

3) Crystals


Crystals perform an amazing array of helpful tasks, too many to go into here.  In shamanism, crystals are known to be alive with each having a consciousness of it’s own.  They are known as the ‘stone people’.  Always ‘ask’ a crystal if it wants to work with you before working with it by holding it in your hand and bringing it to your heart or third eye chakra and, with intention, mentally ask the crystal if it wants to do the work you have planned for it.  Read for a reply in the sense you get from it. The answers are usually very quick and obvious, either yes or no. If you don’t have highly developed senses yet, you can ask a pendulum the same question by touching the pendulum onto the crystal, then asking the question out loud and then hovering the pendulum over the crystal to see the answer; circular or back and forth movement.  Ask the pendulum in advance how it’s answers are to be interpreted; ‘show me yes, show me no’, etc. All pendulums are different.  Never use a crystal for the intended purpose if you have been given a ‘no’ for that work.  Always clean crystals for 20 mins before working with them by placing them in (rock) salt water, then rinsing them under running water.  Always thank the stones afterwards for their help.

Black Tourmaline
A very powerful cleanser and protector.  Place it on the body or near the body to remove internal negative energy.  Black tourmaline can also give powerful transformative results in crystal energy ‘transfusion’ treatments. Hold the stone in the right hand while holding a programmed quartz crystal in left hand; the quartz puts in strong currents of ‘clean, clear’ energy, and the Black Tourmaline takes out (sucks out) the dense, negative energy. Results can be seen in a gentle ‘energy transfusion’ if left for between 10 and 30 mins.  Program the clear quartz by holding it in the hand and placing it to the chest stating the intention that you want the crystal to put strong currents of ‘clean, clear’ energy through the body into the left hand.  Carry the stone on the person for protection against intended energy interference.

A powerful cleanser to have in the home and on the person. Place on the body lying down for any amount of time to clear the blocked areas. Capable of clearing very dense congestion.

Clear Quartz
Program the crystal to amplify any other clearing stone by asking it to do so and placing it with the other crystals. Works particularly well with black tourmaline.

Drinking Crystalized Water (water charged with programmed crystals)
This will amplify the body’s energy system with the programmed energy in the water.  In meditation or journeying, program the crystals with clarity, strength, empowerment, courage, etc. or journey with them to the upper world and ask helping spirits there to program the crystal for you to bring that vibration into your body for the escalation of your own system’s frequency, expansion of consciousness, etc.