Energy work can be helpful when clients are stuck, or lacking direction, or need guidance to help them achieve personal and professional goals, such as getting pregnant or launching a business.

The work also deals directly with more spiritual direction, such as exploring and fulfilling a client's soul contract.  Energy healing can also be very helpful for other healing practitioners who want to know how to take their work to the next level. The work also helps clients deal with major life events, such as surgery, being diagnosed with a significant illness, moving house or painful bereavement, such as suicide. 

Energy work also clears environmental energies, such as clearing hauntings, and removes imprints left behind after negative events.  Aside from giving guidance, the work also 'tracks' energetic imprints in the past, present and future and detects issues including giving insights on people, places, events and things. This work can give help with new relationships, old patterns unresolved, or choosing a new job or a new home. Reading third parties requires written permission from that party before the appointment. When much clearing is done, Soul Retrieval is done to restore energy lost through trauma. This can restore a profound sense of being more present and whole.  

The following are a list of modalities Suzanne uses in her energy clearing work.