Soul Contract Work

Before we were born, we each had a contract that outlined what we wanted to achieve in this lifetime.  The contract was largely written by ourselves, with some help from our Helping Spirits in non-ordinary reality. 

Guidance from those Helping Spirits would have helped us to choose wisely the work we wanted to do and to help us not to overstretch ourselves, only to be met with disappointment when we failed to carry out our grandiose plans. It's a very different reality being here and watching from afar.  In the non-ordinary reality, we can think everything is possible, and to some extent that is true, but once we get here, we are suddenly heavier than we expected, our burdens are ancestral and not just personal, and there are many other factors not considered from our state of Lightness in the Otherworld.  

Bringing our goals from dreams to reality is how our souls evolve and the Soul Contract guides that work, effectively acting as a blueprint for the outline of what we want to achieve in this lifetime.  The Contract will list possible marriage partners, possible numbers of children, possible countries to live in, etc., but it will specifically outline the spiritual work that that individual decided needs to be undertaken in this lifetime in order to help that soul evolve at that time.  This spiritual work includes trauma and other learning needed to help the soul evolve.  Soul work is ultimately the only work that is important.

Soul Contract work is accessing information in the Soul Contract so as to use it as a guide to get focus and direction for the client's spiritual path.  We cannot 'leap-frog' over the work; we have to do our own personal work, including personal, family and archetypal wounding first, before the body reveals Soul Contract information.  Once we have cleared the majority of the work needing done, the Soul Contract information usually becomes apparent naturally.  However, Soul Contract work can help dip into the Soul Contract information, to give the client insights into their goals in this lifetime (and other lifetimes if necessary).