Curse Unraveling

Curse unraveling is the undoing of a bind that was intentionally created to cause some negative effect to another person.  Curses come in many forms and guises and are known the world over and throughout history as methods for coercing another's will. 

Sometimes curses are forged as a form of sorcery and sometimes they are simply born out of impulse, frustration or need.  In all cases, curses tend to restrict the free will of the individual and therefore are unethical in their guidance.  There are three components to curses: a target, an intention and a force to drive the intention into the target.  Without all three, the issue at hand is not a curse, and therefore can largely be overcome by intention and determination.  Curses can be professional or amateur and they can be 'tended' or 'untended'.   Curse unraveling, as practiced by Suzanne, is as devised by her teacher, Betsy Bergstrom.  Betsy worked for many years to create the right and perfect method for unraveling curses.