How do some spirits get stuck here and what happens when they do?

Some people who die while experiencing a ‘difficult death’ can sometimes find their spirits stuck here in what's known as the 'Middle World' (where we live and eat and breathe) for several reasons.  A spirit who was confused at the time of death, or who died suddenly, may not know that they are dead and may still feel confused and not know how to go into the Light.  Alternatively, they may not know they are dead and may feel irritated that ‘new’ people have moved in and are living in ‘their’ space and so feel compelled to stay to protect that space.  Being a spirit trapped in the Middle World can be a stressful and frustrating and painful experience.  Revenge, anger, extreme loss, personal suffering, concern for another person, a particular emotional attachment to a building or object, can all cause a place to be haunted and a spirit to feel unable to move on to where they belong.

When a spirit gets stuck here, a variety of issues can occur for the owners and patrons of the premises.  Phenomenon associated with hauntings include: smells, moving objects, voices, noises, a sense of being 'watched', sightings of spirits or other obvious signs of hauntings, moving objects or items falling off shelves, scratching noises in the walls that sound like rodents in the building. Other side-effects of having a haunted building or space can be problems with electrical faults, gas leaks, problems with water pipes, a sense of uneasiness or fear in particular areas of the building, cold areas, an unwelcoming energy in the environment, a coldness in the environment, electrical flickering issues, odd or unusual smells including sulphur with no known cause, relationship and personal problems for those who work or stay at that premises, financial misfortune for any business at that property and possession illness for those who spend time at those places, etc.