Do I need to do anything in particular before, during or after a session?

Yes, there are a few things to do before a session.  All clients who decide that they want to make a booking are emailed an intake form, which they are asked to complete and return by email.  For the appointment itself, clients are also asked to choose a quiet location where they will not be disturbed for the full two hours, where they will have an excellent internet connection, and to dress in comfortable clothes. Other than that, there is no preparation needed before a session.  Clients may or may not know in advance what work they need done or what treatments will best suit their needs at that time.  During the session, clients will ideally be seated at a desk, preferably with their device (phone, laptop, computer, etc.) on the desk before them, positioned so that they can see and be seen without them having to hold their device.  All sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed. 

After the session, clients may be requested to take a salt bath, depending on the work that was done. It is advised, after soul retrieval, not to have a very 'busy' evening afterwards, but instead to spend quiet time alone or with loved ones.  Notes are emailed to the client after the session, where appropriate, outlining any ongoing work that it would benefit them to do.  These notes can include wound work notes, or energy clearing notes for exercises the client can do at home, or recommended reading or other suggestions.