What kind of energy healing will I need for my condition?

Every case is different.  Each session is tailored specifically for that client at that time, operating on a 'worst-first' basis, that is, working on the most difficult, or most painful, aspects impeding the client at the time of the session.  The techniques available tackle emotional, spiritual, physical and some mental issues, such as achieving mental discipline (controlling an unruly mind). What this work will not treat is mental illness and it is not meant to be in place of proper medical care. Examples of what can be treated with some of the techniques available are listed below.

Conditions that successfully have been treated with wound energy healing work ('wound work') and soul retrieval include: depression, child sexual assault, rape, anxiety, childhood trauma caused by narcissist parenting or neglect, financial imbalance caused by a belief in 'lack', negative self-worth, anorexia, bulimia, addictions, loneliness, despair, repeating patterns of investing in poor relationships, recovery after surgery, recovery after a painful breakup, bereavement counseling, etc. 

Conditions that have been successfully treated with compassionate depossession include: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, depression, hearing 'voices', addictions, behaviors that are not in keeping with the client's 'real' self, feeling 'not alone', having a heavy 'darkness' that the client can't shake off, postpartum depression, invasive unwanted thoughts, intense reactions not in keeping with events, negative self-talk, etc.