What causes the need for Space Clearing, such as energetic problems on land or in buildings?

One of the consequences of people living in a place is that it can result in echoes, traces, imprints and spirits residing in buildings, spaces or land and these can cause problems.  Space Clearing clears these energies.  This work is particularly effective in buildings that have a lot of people coming and going, such as in bars, hospitals or public buildings, and in older buildings, which tend to have a heavier build-up than do newer ones. The land itself can also sometimes hold residue energy left over from traumatic events that happened there that then emerges into any buildings that were built on that land later.  Problems can arise from energy holes and naturally occurring geographical fault lines or fractures under the building.  Areas of great human devastation (such as a battle field), or a building where people once lived in great suffering (such as a jailhouse, a brothel, or a site where slaves were kept), can all cause problems, as can how humans and animals died (such as in hospitals and abattoirs).