Having Clarity Through Mental Discipline

The lower mind is the least intelligent part of us.  It is the 'monkey mind', or the chattering voice that gives a running commentary on our lives, usually without much insight or positive benefit.  

Learning how to silence the lower mind is about having 'mental discipline', and this brings peace and clarity and removes one of the main blocks to hearing what the body has to say.  The body is divine whereas the mind is not and, as such, the body is infinitely more intelligent than the mind.  

The lower mind gives a day-to-day narrative on daily events and is separate from, what is sometimes known as, the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind gives, instead, the more divine perspective on any given issue. The lower mind aligns with ego and wounds, merging it's perspective with them so that the opinions of the lower mind are influenced by wounds and ego. This means that any advice given by the lower mind is based on backstory (personal historical experience) and lateral perspective (how other people were affected by similar events).  This might sound intelligent but it results in advice such as, 'it happened to her, so it will happen to me' and 'it happened to me before, so it will happen to me again'.  This limited perspective ignores the empowerment of possibility, imagination and intuition and gets sucked into the past instead of staying powerfully present in the now.