Listening to Helping Spirits for Guidance

If we attempt to build any kind of spiritual practice, it is essential that we build it with our Helping Spirits.  It is better to step into the unknown unseen worlds with our spiritual allies as guides and mentors, than without them. 

Our Helping Spirits answer our questions, give us guidance on direction, help us stay focused on our path and translate sometimes confusing information given by other sources.  Without doubt, having Helping Spirits on hand to help us navigate the unseen worlds and guide us through our own spiritual journey is one of the most important priorities of this work. 

Any shamanic practitioner is only as good as their relationship with their Helping Spirits.  Their success with their work with clients relies entirely on having built solid and good relationships with those spirits who have come forward to help with that work.  It is the same with any person wanting to build a spiritual practice to help themselves navigate transcendent realities.

Spiritual work itself demands personal work from the individual first and a sense of direction thereafter and Helping Spirits can help with that.  

The method used for hearing Helping Spirits is the practice of Shamanic Journeying.  Shamanic Journeying a method of direct revelation, where the individual goes into a trance state (theta brainwave) and enters what is known as 'non-ordinary reality'.  Once there, the individual asks his/her Helping Spirits to meet them in that non-ordinary reality for whatever purpose was respectfully intended.  This is an ancient practice, long the preserve of indigenous tribespeople across the globe, and we in the West have in living memory been granted the honor of learning this practice from the peoples who have preserved this tradition.