Fulfilling What is in Your Soul Contract

Your Soul Contract is the agreement you made with yourself and your guides that outlines what you want to achieve from this life. 

In it are details about where and to whom you will be born, the potential people to whom you could be married, the processing of unresolved trauma and other issues from other lives, the processing of issues from this life in whatever guise they present, preferred work or vocation, ambitions and dreams, and the desired spiritual path and extent of that pursuit.  The Soul Contract gives an outline of what work is needed in order to fulfil the goals it sets out and gives guidelines on how best to achieve those goals.  Access to the contents of the Soul Contract is found generally by following urges, convictions made on one's own, intense desires, attractions and talents.  The overall purpose of the Contract is to act as a guide to fulfilling an overarching goal over many lifetimes in a fashion and method best suited to that soul.

If the Soul Contract is followed, wounds are cleared, blocks are removed and a sense of 'right time, right place' happens.  We feel that we are living our lives as we were meant to be; that nature has a design and that we benefit from that.  We begin to see an intelligence to the flow of our lives that we might not have seen before, a sense of everything happening at exactly the right time, in exactly the right way, perfectly, even the very difficult stuff; often especially the very difficult stuff.  We have free will every step of the way, and choose our reactions every time, but if we follow the urges, dreams, passions and talents that are in our souls, we find that we end up having a fulfilled life and living our bliss.