Hearing the Divine Intelligence of the Body

Energy simply means 'information that moves' and as everything is made up of energy, so we can read the intelligence of anything to give us information about it.  

The body is intelligent; infinitely more intelligent than the mind.  As the body is made up of energy, we can read that energy to tell us things about the history of that person, or issues or concerns or imbalances that that person is experiencing.  Learning how to read the body, or 'track' the energy in its system, is part of the work that Suzanne invites us to do.  

Once we learn how to track our own energy system, and body, we are in a position to know what is going on with us, detect and identify new influences that may cause imbalance or a surge in growth, and bring ourselves into a personal relationship with the body as a divine being in its own right that is selflessly serving us and accommodating our time here on earth.  Once we consciously come into alignment with the body as a divine force in it's own right, we understand (and begin to experience) our relationship with the divine in an intimate and potent and good way.  

This new understanding and experience with the divine is the bedrock upon which we build and expand our consciousness as part of our spiritual practice.