Living Your Bliss Bringing Heaven to Earth

Once we have 'stepped into our power' and are following our Soul Contract, we find ourselves staying in the present moment, following our purpose, finding meaning and bliss in our everyday lives. 

Bliss is the default human state; we clear away blocks and influences in order to get back to that, rather than inventing it or 'trying to find it' outside of ourselves.  We live it from our core, rather than vicariously through another or by putting our worth in the opinions of others forcing us to live 'in satellite or 'outside' of ourselves.  When we live our bliss, we find that we move from a personalised perspective on the world, to that of a more altruistic, collective one.  We start to see life in a more human context, rather than in an egoic one.  

We began our journey by evolving from a consciousness of selfish individuals in hierarchies (where value judgements decide who is better-than, based on race, gender, sexual orientation, class, access to resources, abilities, etc., with white, male, upper-class, able-bodied, single, childless and well-connected at the top), to a consciousness of a collective awareness formed in a web-like structure, where all have equal merit and importance.  Arriving at a place of acceptance and tolerance for all reminds us that we belong together as a species, but also to this planet and all life forms. Our belonging here brings responsibilities; to care for our planet and all of her inhabitants, waterways and resources and to give due respect and honor to all of life.  If we connect with all life in this way, we begin to see that we are no different from the life-force that creates the animals, trees and plant-life here, the planet herself, and all the universe.  

The Source of this life-force is an identifiable and accessible resource that we can call upon; it is the source of all divinity itself.  We can connect to this Source and call it to us.  We can channel this life-force, so abundant within us and our planet, through us and into the space around us, into our relationships and our lives.  Channeling this divine life-force from it's Source into the world around us raises the consciousness of those touched by it and helps us to fulfil one of our main purposes as physical beings on the planet at this time: to raise the consciousness of our species, the planet and her inhabitants to help us to evolve, to end suffering and trauma, and to help us to bring divine consciousness, heaven, to earth.