Stepping into Your Power

Once the emotional, inherited and foreign blocks, and other influences, are identified and cleared from the individual's energetic system, and mental discipline and a spiritual practice are in place, the next step is to allow oneself to step into your power.  What does that mean?

We are limited by a belief system forged by all of the clutter described in this work as 'blocks' (emotional, inherited and foreign).  That belief system serves to limit us to an identity that curtails our belonging, hones our abilities and fore-shortens our potential.  These beliefs tell us that we're not good enough on our own, that there is a lack of whatever we need in order to thrive, and that the world is an unsafe place.  These are limited beliefs that feed into the identity we have crafted for ourselves that is not based in reality.  

Stepping into your power is about clearing that 'old story' from our consciousness by remembering who we really are and allowing ourselves to be One with that reality.  Limitations of time, resources, access, gain, knowledge, wealth and love seem puny and illusory once we step into our power.  Being one with the reality of who and what you truly are is to merge with your Higher Self, your divine self, and to see with new eyes.  Life becomes a joy to be lived and loved, in which to thrive; no longer a challenge to stay afloat, burdened by past beliefs and influences that don't concern you.  Stepping into your power is removing the blindfold that held you captive in an old narrative, and being the potential that you are.